File Issues and Requirements

Outline fonts: The EPS file I uploaded does not appear in My Files. What’s wrong?
The EPS file that you uploaded may be missing fonts. In your illustration program select all text that contains fonts (command A) go to Type menu and choose Create Outlines. Save the eps file and re-upload the new file. For more information, see:  A Guide to Preparing Files for Print

Type (text) is too close to the edge.
Some or all of your type (text) is to close to the edge. We need a revised version with the type being at least 1/16 inch away from the cut line on all sides. We have placed your order On Hold — Need Artwork so that you can upload a corrected file, re-crop your art and resend your job to press.

What should I do if I want a full bleed on my order?
Your artwork must be at least 1/8 inch (.125) larger on each side from the cut line, or order size, to have a proper bleed. Please make sure that your type (text) is at least 1/16 inch away from the cut line to prevent accidental cropping. Example: If your order is a 8.5×11 flyer, then the file that you send to us would have to measure 8.75 x 11.25 for it to reliably print to the edge of the flyer.

Can I give you the CMYK color code to ensure the right color?
We cannot alter anything in your submitted artwork. When color fidelity is critical, we always recommend ordering a hard copy proof. It is the ONLY way we can guarantee color accuracy. Even so, we cannot exactly match color and density (as viewed in a 5000K light booth) because of limitations in the printing process, as well as neighboring image ink requirements. The accuracy of each color reproduction is guaranteed to be within 85-90% of the color proofs. We reserve the final judgment as to what accuracy range is possible to match the color proof.

Do you accept file formats that are not .EPS, .PDF, .JPG or .TIFF, such as Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, QuarkXPress or PageMaker?
Yes. However, you must be sure to include all graphics and fonts with your order. We cannot process your order until we have all the files necessary.

What resolution do my files need to be?
Normally, 300dpi would be just fine, as long as it is only Photos or other items with a wide range of color. Items that have straight lines or just text would need to be 600dpi. So ideally, we would like everything to be created at 600dpi, but we will accept photographs at 300dpi. All items must be created at least 100% of the final reproduction size.

PDF Proofing –

Color looks different in the email you sent.
Because of the CMYK to RGB conversion process, online image previews do not accurately portray color. The color change on the online preview does NOT effect your files. As long as your files are in CMYK format, the color should be similar to your files but not exact, since your monitor is not calibrated to our press. If you are concerned about the colors we recommend that you order a hard copy proof. We will mail you a hardcopy proof printed on our Epson printer/proofer that is calibrated to our press. We cannot proceed until you approve the hardcopy.

File Uploads –

I’ve uploaded my files, when will they go to press?
We will send your files to press the day after receipt of your order only if you selected “None” for “Proof” when you placed your order. If you require either a PDF or hard copy proof, your order will be sent to press the day after we receive your authorization to proceed.

File Alterations  –

Making changes: can I change the files that have been approved to go to press?
If your order has been approved to go to press, it means that your files have been reviewed by our Prepress department and we have determined that we can print them properly. There is a $50 fee to replace files that have cleared our Prepress checks and are ready for production. Please post a note indicating whether you want to authorize the additional charge or proceed with the existing files. After you do that, we will change the status of your order to: On hold–Other and suspend the turnaround time. No work will go forward on your job until we hear from you. If you choose to pay the fee and replace your files, we will delete the current files from our production server and change your status to: On hold–Need Artwork. You can now log in and upload new files. Please note that turn around times do not begin until you have OK’d your job to go to press. Because we are changing the files submitted, your turnaround time has be reset. If these changes mean you need to change the turnaround time or shipping method, just drop us another note and we will work with you to get your order completed when you need it.

Print Issues –

I am not satisfied with the print quality of my job. I believe there was a manufacturing defect. Can I get my job reprinted?
Please mail us some samples of the work so we can determine what the problem is. Please send only a few samples, not the entire order. Include your order number, a brief description of the problem and address the envelope to the attention of Bryan Hauge. Bryan is our customer service manager and he will look at your order personally.

Ordering and Billing Questions –

How does your P.O. system work?
Purchase Orders are accepted for Government organizations and Institutions ONLY. We are unable to complete Purchase Orders for private companies or individuals. Please contact Hauge Printing by email at sales@haugeprinting.com and make other payment arrangements so we can process your order.

I submitted an order with a P.O. What do I need to do to finish my order and send my job(s) to press?
If this will be your first P.O. with Hauge Printing, Inc., we will not process your order until your P.O. has been confirmed. In order to process this job, you need to fax a copy of the purchase order. Please send this fax to the attention of Dennis at (661) 294-6546. You must also mail the original Purchase Order to: Hauge Printing, Inc., Attn: Dennis, Hauge Printing, Inc., 28486 Westinghouse Place, Santa Clarita, CA 91355. If you have any questions, please email dennis@haugeprinting.com.

Other –

Can I get a receipt (or how much is my total order)
A receipt is automatically generated and emailed to you when your order is placed. This contains a current summary of the entire order including your order total.

Can you reprint my old order again instead of creating a new order?
No, you must place a new order online.

How to Order –

Select Your Products
Select the item or items you wish to order, including options such as proofing, quantity and shipping. The price will calculate automatically.
When you have selected the options you wish, click the “Add to Shopping Cart” button.
In the Shopping Cart, click “Place Order” to check out or “Continue Shopping” to add additional items to your cart.

Login and Place Order
When you place your order, you will be prompted to enter your e-mail address and password. If you have previously ordered from Hauge Printing, the information used on your last order — excluding credit card information — will be pre-filled. If you are a new customer, enter your contact information and the billing and shipping addresses.

MyOrders Workspace
After your order has been submitted, you will be directed to MyOrders, which includes three main areas: My Orders, My Files and Upload Files.

Upload Your Files
Click the Upload Files tab in MyOrders. Click the button marked, “Browse…” on the first upload box. Locate and select the file you wish to upload. If you want to upload additional files, click “Browse…” button on the second and third upload boxes. Once you have selected your files, click the “Begin Upload” button.
Please note: Your files will upload much faster if you first compress them using a program such as Stuffit Deluxe from Aladdin Systems (“Macintosh”) or WinZip (“PC”). Be sure to include all photos, illustrations, graphics and fonts in your “compressed” file.

View and Approve Proof
If you have selected a PDF proof, and you have uploaded your files to our system, you will receive that proof by email.
Note: Because of the CMYK to RGB conversion process, online image previews do not 100% accurately portray color.
Our system rips your file into a print ready PDF upon upload. This means text is rasterized at 1152 dpi. When you display rasterized text on a monitor, it does not anti-alias. The result is that the edges of text look jagged in the preview at 72 or 96 dpi.
If you have concerns about how your files will print, please print these files on your home/office printer. The colors will not be accurate, but you should see crisp edges on your text as well as the placement of all fonts and other image elements.
If you are concerned about your file preparation, please order a hardcopy proof.

Send To Press
Approve your job so we may begin production. This will begin your turnaround time. No changes to your job may be made after you send it to press.

Preparing Your Files
It’s easy to prepare your files for digital offset printing. We’ve created a workflow for each of the top design applications to get your files smoothly to our digital offset printing presses.
The goal of each workflow is simple: To create files in industry standard formats that aren’t dependent on the application, fonts or other separate design elements used to create your final artwork. We accept the following file formats: .TIF, .JPG, .PDF, .EPS and .PSD. All file formats must have bitmap resolutions of 300dpi for pictures/photos and 600dpi for everything else. The files must also have embedded or outlined fonts.
We’ve learned that by streamlining the Prepress process we’re able to pass significant savings on to you, the customer. It also bypasses common pitfalls associated with preparing digital artwork for print: embedded fonts and images won’t shift, get lost or render incorrectly, and as your printer, we’re unable to alter your job in any way. It puts you in control.
Follow our General Guidelines and Application Workflow Instructions below and we can guarantee you’ll be proud of our collaboration. Note that we cannot process orders that do not meet the minimum requirements.

General Guidelines
Imported Art and Images
Specifications for importing images into your design application.
Printing With Bleeds
Specifications for layouts with bleeds with special notes for Flyers and Envelopes.

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